Your Wild Partying Lifestyle Could Actually Be Good For The World & Here’s How

Being a semi adult is like, hard. I gotta go to work. Cook. Text people back. Sleep. Go out. And I’m somehow expected to find some time to like, be a good person? How does anyone do it? Luckily, our favorite electronic festival, Electric Zoo, has just made it easier for you to get fucked up while actually helping people and doing shit that’s like, fun. That’s because they recently launched a charity auction for Bridges for Music where you can bid on a number of unbelievable prizes. So get out your dad’s credit card because you’re going to want to bid on all this shit. But like, it’s for a good cause so it’s basically free.

As I mentioned, this is all for charity. Bridges For Music is a non-profit “launched within the electronic music community to create positive change in the world.” Yeah I know that sounds like something that raver bitch professional hula hooper from your high school might put in her Instagram bio, but they actually do legit work. Right now they’re raising money to build a music school in Langa Township, Capetown, South Africa, and all proceeds from this auction will go towards building the school and to BFM’s scholarship program. Yep, you are technically helping build a school in Africa without being that person who sets their Tinder profile photo to one of them surrounded by a bunch of African schoolchildren. (Seriously, Trevor. It’s an immediate left from me.)

Okay yeah so as for these prizes. My mom told me she read online that millennials are more into “experiences” than they are into tangible gifts, and that must be true because these auction items include things like meet-and-greets with EZoo artists like Dada Life, Snails, and Above & Beyond plus weekend passes to the festival for you and a friend. So can I bid on them all or…?

But if you’re not rich or your dad has cut you off, you can still get involved without spending your rent money. EZoo and Bridges For Music are also selling limited-edition bracelets whose proceeds will also go to BFM. The bracelet is only $15, which is probably less than what you’re about to spend on lunch, and it comes with the added bonus of a sense of moral superiority satisfaction that you did something good for someone other than yourself. You can tell that to your therapist on your next visit.

This is a good option if you’re one of those home-schooled jungle freaks people who never takes off their music festival wristbands. It’s made of braided nylon, is waterproof, and has a metal clasp so it will look way more legit than that faded piece of ribbon you’ve been sporting since 2012. And you can take it off in the shower without ripping it, so really, please take it off when you shower. And again, the proceeds go to charity, so you’re basically a bad person if you don’t buy one.

Place your bids for the Electric Zoo x BFM auction here, and buy the charity bracelet here. And if you still haven’t gotten your Electric Zoo tickets, WTF are you doing? 

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