You Might’ve Missed These Easter Eggs In The ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser

There are a ton of Easter eggs in the new Deadpool 2 teaser, and theyre as sweet as Cherry Garcia ice cream.

An Easter egg is a reference hidden in a movie, TV show or any other kind of media that is intended for viewers with sharp eyes and/or a vast amount of knowledge about pop culture (**COUGH nerds COUGH**). And being that the first Deadpool movie was brimming with references that spanned from Salt-N-Pepa to Bea Arthur, its no surprise that our first peek at its sequel is jam-packed with them, as well.

Vulture, New York Magazines entertainment website, has taken it upon themselves to point out and explain all of Easter eggs in the Deadpool 2 teaser in the video above. And no, none of them involve Ryan Reynolds bare butt.

Thats just there to entertain the masses.

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