YNW Melly's Little Brother YNW BSlime Releases "BABY GOAT" With Lil Tjay

If you’ve been keeping track of the rising talent pool in Florida, the name YNW BSlime possibly rings a bell to you. The 12-year-old is YNW Melly’s little brother, proving that talent seriously runs in the family. As of right now, Melly is still facing the death penalty in relation to his double murder charges. His little brother has been on the up and up since he was incarcerated, flexing his own vocal prowess and letting us all know that he too can crank out hits at will. Debuting his first-ever project today, the pre-teen enlists YNW Melly and Lil Tjay for BABY GOAT

Spanning thirteen tracks, fans get a good idea of what YNW BSlime is all about here. The playful cover gives us an eye into BSlime’s humor while the musical content sees the youngin taking more of a singing stance. Of course, his melodies are solid. This is a very musical family.

What do you think?


1. Like That
2. Anti
3. Dying For You (feat. YNW Melly)
4. Nobody Else
5. Wipe Your Eyes
6. Just Want You
7. Gucci Belt
8. Slime Emotions
9. Wait A Minute
10. Halo
11. Homework
12. Slime Dreams
13. Hot Sauce (feat. Lil Tjay)

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