YNW Melly Says He's "Coming Home" In Jail Phone Call

YNW Melly brings an air of controversy around every time his name is mentioned. Many people are still listening to his music with his streams only continuing to rise as he spends time behind bars. Early this year, the Florida rapper was arrested for the double murder of his two friends YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy. He’s awaiting trial right now but people are divided on what to think about the young artist. For somebody that was so talented on the mic, it’s insane to think that he could be so cold-hearted. With songs like “Murder On My Mind” though, it really shouldn’t be so shocking though. Melly’s Instagram page was updated this morning with a message from his team, including a recorded phone call from the artist himself.

During the call, Melly seems confident that he’ll get off on any charges he’s facing, giving all praise to God and speaking as though he’ll be home soon. Much of what he’s saying is inaudible but he starts off by telling all his fans that “God is real.” He continues, saying, “He has cleansed my soul, he has blessed me tremendously.” Melly continues by claiming that the only reason any of his fans know about him or his music is because of God. Then, a curious message is relayed from the rapper: “He’s the reason I’m coming home.”

Perhaps YNW Melly’s team hasn’t disclosed all that they know regarding the artist and his status but it sounds like they’re pretty confident that he will beat these double murder charges. Do you think Melly will come home within the year?

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