YNW Melly Returns With Glokknine Assisted "223s"

YNW Melly may be gone for some time, but the fans have yet to give up on the young rapper. As a reward for their loyalty, Melly’s team made sure to drop off something to sate their appetites, a repackaged single titled “223s.” With Glokknine on the assist, Melly’s latest delivers what his listeners have come to expect, which is to say, strong melodies paired with gangsta lines. With a deceptively upbeat instrumental as the backdrop, Melly slides through with ease, showcasing some of the skill that garnered him acclaim in the first place. 

To be fair, “223s” is not entirely “new” per se, having been originally premiered as part of a Glokknine’s Christmas Album, Lil Glokk That Stole Khristmas. Yet it appears to have been rebranded as a Melly cut, perhaps the more pragmatic approach given his recent notoriety. If you’re still on the fence about Melly, it’s unlikely that “223s” will trigger any particular epiphanies. Yet for those on board with the movement, it should make for a welcome addition to your favorite playlist. Thoughts?

Quotable Lyrics

Me and Glokk all on your instrumental
I kill a n*** and it really wasn’t coincidental
Stop all that flaggin’ shit, you really on that actin’ shit
No, I ain’t with no cappin’ shit and I ain’t on no rappin’ shit

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