YFN Lucci Reportedly Refuses To Testify Against Young Thug

Several rappers have found themselves on the wrong side of the law in recent years, including Young Thug and YFN Lucci. The two Georgia stars made millions from their music careers, but their beef stole just as much attention as their hits. Disses were thrown on social media and in lyrics, and the chaos has made it to court. Thug has been jailed for about a year over a RICO case where prosecutors claim he’s the head of a criminal organization, YSL. However, Thugger insisted YSL is a record label, not a gang, and supporters call for his release.

Meanwhile, YFN Lucci has faced a legal war all his own. In 2021, Lucci turned himself over to the authorities in connection with a murder case. Prosecutors alleged Lucci and several others were involved in a shooting. The incident resulted in the death of a man named James Adams. The rapper has denied any involvement and continues to fight for this freedom. Additionally, in March of 2021, Lucci was injured, and later, it was revealed he was stabbed in jail. Officials in Thug’s case stated the rapper was the person who ordered the attack. Authorities claimed Lucci was assaulted by members of YSL.

YFN Lucci’s Paperwork Surfaces

Lucci’s name has been repeatedly mentioned by prosecutors in Thug’s case. There was speculation that the former would testify against the latter. However, DJ Akademiks shared a reported court document that showed Lucci’s defiance. He allegedly refused to sign a subpoena to appear in court to testify against Young Thug and YSL. The validity is unclear, but a new post appeared on Lucci’s Instagram after the paperwork was circulated. It reads: “Even in a earthquake we wouldnt break n*gga know we solid #Free650.”

With all of the conversations about snitching permeating Hip Hop, this has sparked debates. Gunna was also arrested in connection with the YSL case, but in December, he copped to an Alford plea. He admitted that YSL was a gang in court as a part of the plea deal, but not everyone thought this was a good look. Still, Gunna was released and has been enjoying his freedom. When he does occasionally materialize on social media, he calls for the freedom of his friend, Young Thug. Check out YFN Lucci’s court documents above.

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