WTF Is Going On With Ed Sheerans Cousin?

It’s being said Jethro demanded the piece be taken down, and when it wasn’t he message two writers with threats over the matter, saying he would “be up to check y’all with some Polish friends” and that he’d come by their office to “chop it up and sort it out.”

The fuck???

He allegedly also wrote:

“I am going to expose you and put your picture and name out there.”


“I’m talking to ex-police and security on my team and just want to talk with you asap.”

One volunteer editor for the mag Lorna Onabanjo claims she received a slew of at least ten Facebook messages from Ed’s cousin, saying:

“I was having lunch with my daughter on Sunday and I started getting threats from his account on Facebook messenger and it really unnerved me. I have never been attacked like this before so it was a real shock, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was getting messages saying he was going to ruin me as he knows ex-police, I was shocked and felt very attacked. I am just a volunteer editor for a community magazine.”


Lorna continued, adding:

“This has put a fear into me, I do want to continue and stand up for freedom of speech though. It’s not about writing negative reviews it’s about expressing your opinion.”

If true, this is so messed up!

Currently, Essex police are investigating the matter.

Although, Jethro told The Sun in a statement:

“I can’t see how these comments can misconstrued as threats. I don’t know why they’re scared. ‘Chop it up’ means ‘Let’s have a chat’ in street language. This was not about me not being able to accept a bad review. It was about standing up for myself when I felt bullied.”

He also took to Twitter on the issue, expressing in one very long message:

“Despite some very jealous negative individuals (we all know who they are! I will not air them out to give them the blood they need to suck to stay alive off artists like me, they are parasitical human beings)
Im very proud and honoured to be working with Nuraya Kokos Jack Binstead Tiger blu and I always will.
I had such a great night last night and you all made it an amazing night and i love you all for that! #LOVELORN was a complete success, my family, friends and supporters are who i care about.
im a music artist through and through and i make music for the world to hear in a hope to help others, make people happy and it makes me very happy.
When people come to my shows expecting to meet or see Ed Sheeran i cannot help that, dont get upset if hes not there because Ed is flying on a world tour and im very proud of him and love him, weve made music from a very young age, were the same bloodline and family but i am me and Ed is Ed. my 12 year old Daughter is on my facebook and all our family and its hurtful for us to read such hate.
Ed Sheeran is the biggest artist in the world.
Its not only me that cant sell out wembley stadium its pretty much 99% of music artists.
just because hes my cousin doesnt automatically mean that we work in the same way, our music is different genres and styles.
the media is always comparing us and things always get out of context. there are so many untruths written.
im very happy, im healthy and i love music id rather wake up and cuddle my baby girl and smile everyday than be in an industry thats so fickle but im in it and its my passion and motivation so ill take the ups and downs but i wont let the negative energy destroy my dream, it comes with the job.
im just trying to make my way and my own path with the people i love around me, work with and i love you all!
please dont buy into the negative and lets all help each other with love and support.
Im really excited for my lovelorn release tomorrow!
Im proud of it and have had some amazing reviews and i thank everyone who has supported it!
Live hard, love strong! bless. x i cant tag everyone! love you guys x #RealRecogniseReal”

Then on Wednesday, he wrote:

We’ll update you with any new details!

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