WTF, Goldberg?! Former Mighty Ducks Star Gets Real-Life Penalty Box Time Over Shoplifting Bust!

You remember Goldberg, the fat goalie from the Mighty Ducks movies, right?!

The actor’s name is Shaun Weiss, and he’s facing some serious time out in the penalty box now because, after growing up, he’s decided to shoplift a few too many times!


According to a report out this morning in

According to Don Gibble, Weiss’ manager, he is hopeful that the 150-day sentence will set Shaun straight:

“[Shaun] hopes jail will help him, and maybe while he is in jail he will write something.”

Write something as in comedy — Shaun is a comic.

Let’s just hope he gets the help he needs.

In case you forgot, this is Shaun, as Goldberg, in the original Mighty Ducks movie (below):

Come on, Goldberg!

Here’s to getting better and staying out of trouble!!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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