Would You Rather Be Present Day Stassi Schroeder Or 2013 Stassi Schroeder?

If you know one thing about Betches aside from the huge fans. So when we stopped by Bravo HQ to join their The Daily Dish podcast hosts, we dished about our memories from the very first episode of the show.

Everyone had pretty vivid memories of seeing the first episode. One of the head Betches had only started watching on Season 3, so she just watched the first episode for the first time, “and my mind was blown. It’s like a whole different world,” she said. Other major topics were covered as well, such as Tom Sandoval’s bold hairstyle (with spikes shaved into the side), Scheana Shay’s music career (did Scheana maybe look a little bit too much like Britney Spears?), and of course, white wine spritzers. We also dove into Lisa Vanderpump’s origin story and what makes her the genius she truly is.

Then The Daily Dish asked the question on every Pump Rules fan’s minda “Sophie Stanbury’s Choice,” if you will: Would you rather be present day Stassi Schroeder or 2013 Stassi Schroeder? Some of us would certainly prefer present Stassi. When you’re 23, you feel like you know everythingand our beloved Stassi was no exception. You’ll have to listen to the whole episode below for the lively debate though.

After their show, The Daily Dish joined us on Betch Slapped, where we covered tons of important summer topics. From the drama to Kim and Kanye’s decision to use a surrogate, nothing was off the table. And of course we weren’t afraid to rehash the generation old debate: Were Ross and Rachel “on a break”?

Take a listen below, and check out The Daily Dish on Betch Slapped here.

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