Would Democrats have supported Bill Clinton in 2016?

(CNN)Would the Democratic Party have supported Bill Clinton for president in 2016?

The answer to that question would be more important and revealing than re-litigating why the party supported him in 1992 and 1996, and even after he lied under oath — and on national TV, wagging his finger at us — during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


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If Democrats would still support Bill Clinton in 2016 for the presidency (which is not the same as admiring his post-presidential work), it proves that the gap between the two parties is not as wide as some Democrats are self-righteously claiming.
A man like Trump took advantage of an opening in the Republican Party, one fueled by anger and the disillusionment of millions of Republicans who fear a browning America. That’s why bigotry and misogyny are at the core of his appeal — and not a turn off — to a significant segment of the GOP.


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That doesn’t mean a different man, an as-yet-identified Democrat or left-leaning independent, who presents a different kind (but still very real) of danger won’t be able to take advantage of Democrats in the same way that Trump has taken advantage of the GOP, the next time around.
Instead of gleefully watching the GOP’s destruction, the Democratic Party would be wise to examine itself for vulnerabilities to such a Trump-like figure who could expose them in ways they today likely don’t even think is possible.

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