Womans Tweeted Tale About Picking Up An Uber Driver Is Quite A Ride

She certainly had drive.

A 19-year-old student from Howard University went to great lengths to get an Uber driver’s phone number.

Kelli Amirah, 19, who goes by her first and middle name, began her tale full of twists and turns at the beginning — when she first met the man who reeved her engine …

Being that Kelli wasn’t ready to “shoot,” or ask the driver for his number, yet, she improvised a plan:

Basically, Kelli hit a roadblock here.

“When I didn’t hear back from him at first I felt a little discouraged, mainly because I left my good charger with him and my backup charger is faulty and doesn’t work all the time,” Kelli told The Huffington Post. “So I was probably the most hurt about the charger.”

Uh huh.

Kelli then decided to stop chasing her crush,  parked herself in front of a few books and began to study for a test.

When suddenly …

“When he finally did respond I was excited because: A, I could get my charger back, and B, I can actually see if I have a shot with this guy,” Kelli told HuffPost.

So, now with the plan in motion, Kelli could focus on her test and meet up with the Uber driver the next day.

Her plan on was cruise control, right? 

Exhausted, she passed out. While she snoozed, the man she had been crushing texted her.

She quickly beautified herself:

And she pulled herself together.

She shoots and scores.

And they lived happily ever after.

Uh, actually, we’re lying. 

Apparently, Kelli is no Rory Gilmore.

“When I found out he was married, I was definitely a little upset at first. I’d much rather he told me from the jump so I didn’t get my hopes up,” Kelli told HuffPost.


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“It really is such a laughable situation though,” she continued. “So I got over it pretty quick.”

Well, at least he didn’t take her for too long of a ride.

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