Woman Unknowingly Picks Up Boyfriend’s SIDE CHICK In Her Uber And Tells The Whole Story On Twitter!

Forget #HurtBae, #UberBae is giving us LIFE!

Earlier this week, a woman who drives for Uber discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her — when the side chick was one of her riders!

Like, no joke, this woman picked up a female passenger and dropped her off at her man’s apartment.

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OBVIOUSLY, a fight and a recap on Twitter followed. Drama, drama, dramaaaa!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy @Msixelaa‘s dramatic AF tale for yourself (below). We promise, her story is MORE than bananas!

The Uber employee kicked off her anecdote perfectly, as she wrote:

We’re already crying from laughter. She continued:

What a sneaky, mofo! The tale didn’t stop there as the now viral star added:

LOLzzzzzz! Anywho, this is the point in the story where things get INTENSE…

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! Unsurprisingly, the young woman was LIVID:

(Sounds like Prince Charming to us *eye roll*)

Poor thing. Unfortunately, the situation only got more complicated:

Hell hath no fury, right?? And @Msixelaa’s cheating dude then had the balls to text her about the “stolen” luggage:

SAVAGEEEEE! Honestly, thank you #UberBae — you made our week so MUCH better!

[Image via Twitter.]

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