Will Ed Sheeran inspire more men to wear engagement rings?

The singer was spotted wearing a silver band at the Brits, sparking rumours he was already married but jewellers have been pushing the idea of man-gagement rings for years

Name: Ed Sheerans engagement ring.

Age: Less than a month.

Appearance: A simple silver band.

So its official, he has bought her a ring. Yes, butthats not what this is about. Sheerans fiancee, Cherry Seaborn, wears an engagement ring a giant diamond knuckleduster of a thing but so does Ed.

Really? He wore it during his performance at the Brits, and everyone thought he had got married in secret. But he hadnt. Its just the engagement ring that he wears.

But hes a man. Yes, hes a man with an engagement ring. Its weird that men dont wear engagement rings, when you think about it.

No it isnt. Yes, it is. Historically, engagement rings are a sign of ownership. Women have to wear this big public symbol to show everyone that they are off the market, but men just get togallivant around willy-nilly. That hardly sounds equal.

Up close and personal: the ring was made by his fiancee, Cherry Seaborn. Photograph: David Fisher/Rex/Shutterstock
But engagement rings are so expensive. This is true. Men are supposed to spend between one and three months salary on a ring, although it is estimated that
the average cost in 2018 is around 1,750.

That is truly berserk. If rings went both ways, that would be 3,500 a couple. I know. Which equates to three months of national-average rent, or a month-long Caribbean cruise for two or judging by recent wedding costs about six seat covers and a DJ.

Does this mean all men have to wear engagement rings now? Possibly. After all, Sheeran is hugely influential, wedding-wise. His music already accounts for a ton of first dances.

Oh God. Relax. Jewellers have been trying to make male engagement rings a thing for years now, and it never catches on. They even tried called them man-gagement rings for a while and even that didnt work.

Cant think why. But hooray for jewellers, boldly striking away at the shackles of gender equality like this.

Sure, its definitely not because they would double their money if everyone wore engagement rings. Well, that too.

So, basically Sheeran has an engagement ring because he wants to make the rest of us feel bad. Of course not. Its because Cherry Seaborn made it for him.

Oh, now it all makes sense. Hes wearing it out of awkward obligation. Or maybe he just really loves his fiancee, you massive miserable cynic.

Do say: Well done for being a truly equalpartner.

Dont say: Havent you ruined enough weddings already?

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/music/shortcuts/2018/feb/25/ed-sheeran-inspire-more-men-wear-engagement-rings-brits

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