Wiley's Brother Cadell Sends For Stormzy On "World War III"

If you’ve been paying even an ounce of attention to the UK grime scene in the last week, you probably have seen the feud bubbling up between Stormzy and Wiley. The two rappers have firing shots at each other over the last week, first on Twitter, then on wax, resulting in two rounds thusfar in their feud.

In Stormzy’s “Disappointed,” his response to Wiley’s “Eediyat Skengman,” the Heavy Is The Head rapper opened up by detailing an altercation between Stormzy and Wiley’s brother, Cadell. Now, Cadell has chimed in on the feud with his latest track, “World War III.” In his response to Storm, Cadell takes aim at the rapper’s sister, mother and other members of his family while also referencing, “Shut Up,” Stormzy’s breakout track.

Quotable Lyrics
Man put who in a Rizla?
That don’t care where your mom and her wigs are
Didn’t want to take it there but I’m nasty
Not I’m lettin’ off at your sister
She looks like she ready for a wrestlin’ match
Be surprised if anyone dicked her

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