Wiley Remixes 2004's "The Game" Track

While he fell through on his promises for a new full-length project, UK Grime Godfather Wiley decided to kick off the new year with a trio of new tracks. The first two of the three served as a back-to-back diss aimed at Wiley’s current target, Dot Rotten. 

The third of the drop arrived as a remix of Wiley’s 2004 original “The Game” track. Originally, the song found Wiley riding solo as he looked forward to the future of his career. Over a decade and a half later, the seasoned UK mainstay recruits the production talents of Krunchie and ZDot as he resorts to his signature Eski flow to warm listeners up ahead of his forthcoming album, still without an official release date.

Quotable Lyrics

I ain’t gotta stand up with a hundred odd man (Nope)
Even though I can (Yah)
Gotta be a one-man band
On the road I rise my own hand
Grime, boy better know, I’m sticking to the plan


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