Why Putin fears a Clinton presidency

(CNN)While Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin seem to agree on a number of issues, there is one they apparently don’t see eye to eye on. While Trump argues that Hillary Clinton is too weak to be president of the United States, the Russian President appears to be genuinely afraid of Clinton.

Evidence is growing that Russia is actively working to undermine Clinton’s presidential prospects. When hackers released the emails of the Democratic National Committee just hours before the Democratic National Convention, internet security specialists found the fingerprints of Russian agencies. Then came the latest hacks of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.


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Clinton was implicitly critical of Obama’s restrained response, saying, “I am in the category of people who wanted us to do more in response to the annexation of Crimea and the continuing destabilization of Ukraine.”
And just as Putin targeted her by name, she, too, has gone after him personally. In a speech last year, she said, “I remain convinced that we need a concerted effort to really up the costs on Russia and in particular on Putin.”
The most urgent item on the foreign policy agenda for both the United States and Russia is the civil war in Syria. There, the Trump campaign has offered conflicting ideas, but in the most recent debate Trump seemed to stand with Putin.
While Obama has maintained an extremely restrained approach to the crisis, sending Secretary of State John Kerry to multiple, so far useless, diplomatic marathons with his Russian counterpart even as Russia continues bombing civilians in support of Assad, Clinton sounds determined to impose a no-fly zone, which would defy not only Syria’s army but also Russia.
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She says she would keep the Russians informed, so no clashes occur, adding “I want them at the table,” but it is a sharp departure from the current policy, and one that must sound deeply disturbing to Putin.
A few years ago, Putin mused, speaking about Clinton, that “It’s better not to argue with women.” It’s clear now why he’s going to great lengths to avoid having to argue with a President Hillary Clinton.

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