Why I love Cline Dion

Is she schmaltzy? Well, yes. High camp and cheesy like a ripe camembert

You know what genre of celeb will always have a special place in my heart? The wildly famous, hugely successful, but inherently uncool superstar. I feel a kinship, and will abide no snark directed at them. The epitome of this breed is Canadian singer Cline Dion. Slander her in my presence atyour peril.

It feels as if Dion, 49, has been singing in my ear for ever. I remember hearing her voice on the titular song from the 1991 Disney film Beauty And The Beast, but I really only became aware of her as an artist in 1996, when she released Falling Into You. Icarried her song Because You Loved Me in myheart, head and notebook(handwritten lyrics were very big that year). Is it schmaltzy? Well, yes: Imeverything I am/because you loved me is basic at best. But Dions gift is sincerity: her slightly nasal voice swells as she plays up the schmaltz and powers through the sentimentality. It is music beloved of mums and aunties, and its not always great. But it connects, from Nigeria to Jamaica, and everywhere in between.

Bythe time she sang the mega-hit My Heart Will Go On for the 1997 Titanic soundtrack, her legacy was complete. Shes high camp (Vegas residencies, naturellement) and cheesy like a ripe camembert. But her recent unimaginable loss (her husband and brother died ofcancer within days of each other in 2016) brought on a worldwide wave of tender affection. Welove her.

Thats what made her recent appearance at the 2017 Met Gala all the more joyful. She seemed to be having fun hanging out with hip-hop band Migos, and <a href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BTt2MUIg3sS/?taken-by=celinedion&hl=en” data-link-name=”in” body link” class=”u-underline”>eating a hotdog and you know what? She deserves it.

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