When This Guy Decided To Get Revenge On A Rude Airline Passenger, He Didnt Know It Would End Like This

Travelling can be an exhausting and annoying experience on its own, but when snobby passengers are involved… The trip could be especially irritating.

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Recently, comedian Steve Hofstetter encountered a rude lady at the LAX airport and decided to teach her a lesson. The lady not only let her dog poop in the middle of the airport, but she also didn’t pick it up, was offended by people who hinted she should pick it up, and listened to music without her headphones. Once Hofstetter saw that the woman was at his gate for the flight to Tokyo, he decided to teach her a lesson…


h3 style=”text-align:;” justify;”>Travelling is exhausting on its own, but snobby passengers make it especially irritating

Image credits: emily wang (not actual scene)

Recently, Steve Hofstetter encountered a rude lady at the LAX airport

When other passengers confronted her, her reply shocked everyone

And just when Hofstetter thought he wouldn’t have to see the snobby woman again…

Image credits: petdrama

So he decided to teach her a little lesson

Without even saying thank you, the woman rushed from the gate

Then Steve’s revenge took an unexpected twist

Hofstetter shared his experience on Facebook and it’s gone viral since with tons of comments


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