Wealthy Robando – “Expectations” (EP Review)

Wealthy Robando is an upcoming West Coast rapper caught a buzz with his Harlay and Tone Famous-featured video, “B.I.T.F.“. A product of his environment, Wealthy subject matter tells many stories of growing up in the dangerous streets of South Los Angeles. Backed by a strong fanbase, Wealthy Robando unveils a high-anticipated EP for the ever-hungry West Coast underground.

Wealthy’s new project is a seven-track effort that explains the everyday life on the infamous 110 St. and Normandie and how “there’s a lot that is gonna hate, and others that have faith”. Robando’s advice is to stay on the grind till you steadily shine. The album comes as a tour guide through the rough area of Los Angeles, along with the neighborhood’s pride.

Stream Wealthy Robando’s new EP Expectations now.

The album boasts a very talented production resume. Familiar heavy-hitters, the album carries a classic West Coast bass that makes the region what it is today. Tailor-made around the rising star, the album’s illustrious history develops a new persona for the new talent that will resonate for the rest of his career.

Noteworthy productions, big-name guest appearances, and a lot of attitudes, Expectations definitely live up to it as the new artist takes his next step to the mainstream limelight. It’s fearless, in-ya-face and so West Coast. It’s the making of a classic effort by the Los Angeles-native that fans will be talking about for decades.

Rating: 8/10
Highlights: Attitude

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