Want to avoid your own Bieber-esque Instagram meltdown? Block your exes | Michael Arceneaux

Things didnt have to escalate to Justin Bieber deleting his account after a tiff with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber didnt have to delete his Instagram account the other day, after he asked his fans Sunday night to stop being so mean to Sofia Richie, whom he is reportedly dating. (Beliebers can be quite vicious.)

Because what followed that ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez decided to treat his mentions like the Shade Room would not have happened if he followed my simple social media rule: block your exes immediately.

If you cant handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol it should be special between you two only. Dont be mad at your fans. They love you, Gomez wrote.

An internet tempest ensued, which ended with Bieber deleting his account and, I dont know, making sea levels rise with the overflow of tears from fans around the world. Then Gomez issued a mea culpa, taking to Snapchat to write, What I said was selfish and pointless. Yes, girl. 100 emoji. But you shouldnt have been able to weigh in at all.

In the dark ages before broadband and social media, once a couple ended a relationship, typically people were done. Sure, every so often there might be a letter mailed, a phone call made, a text message sent or an email drafted, but nothing that contained the possibility of constant interaction. If you date someone and it doesnt work out but you keep following their social media accounts, you are prone to see mention of them just about daily.

Maybe, if you arent ready to cut the digital cord, you can mute them on Twitter and unfollow them on Facebook. But when it comes to Instagram, you are stuck with them. You can scroll by, but as Selena Gomez has shown us, you may fall victim to your ex being messy and live for drama on your timeline.

Ive done this plenty of times. Sometimes when youre done dating a person, they want to stay friends, and that includes keeping in touch through social media. I used to agree. Now, to quote the late Whitney Houston, and every black woman Ive met over the age of 45, Hell to the nah. As I tend to tell most of the folks Ive dated in the past: thank you for your services. Fin.

What else do we have to talk about? Why do I need to see constant pictures and video of you? What would possess me to follow your random thoughts on the Twitter?

Ill admit that there are some former boo thangs that Ive occasionally checked up on via social media, but I had the decency to do that after too many drinks and in darkness of my apartment. Why? Because I have just the right amount of shame. Justin Bieber needs to check his supply its running low.

Now I like Selena Gomez, but she was your classic ex acting a smooth fool. Gomez is what the kids would call messy boots. She played right into the lyrics of a wise Queen Bey: When you hurt me, you hurt yourself / Dont hurt yourself, dont hurt yourself.

Justin, when you get back on Instagram and we all know you will, because its 2016 and your management team isnt crazy do yourself a favor and block Selena Gomez. If yall ever get back together, you can unblock her.

I extend that same advice to everyone else. Do not play keeping up with the exes on social media. Get rid of them. That is, unless you want to hook up again, but even then, block them right back after they leave. Sometimes petty is just the way to play it.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/aug/18/block-your-exes-on-instagram-justin-bieber-selena-gomez

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