Vader The Wildcard Builds With Teck-Zilla For Confluence EP

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

Hennessy VS Class 2017 winner and Nigerian emcee Vader The Wildcard teams up with one of the hardest working hip hop producers/DJ Teck-Zilla for a 3 track body of work titled Confluence EP. Produced entirely by Teck-Zilla, the project has Vader in his bag detailing his experiences while flexing his verbal muscles over cinematic backdrops. Starting off on a braggadocio note (not surprising from an emcee) with the opener “Testing Waters” where he introduces himself to the listener. The follow-up track, “So Incredible” is an anthemic bar-fest as they call it, once again showcasing Vader’s lyrical dexterity and unique demeanour over a horn-driven beat. I’d probably be disappointed if this project was not lyrically driven as that is what is expected of Vader. The final song which is “Tobi’s Song” has a solemn feel to it allowing Vader to dive into his childhood, growth and the loss of his father. Basically, Vader gives us his vulnerable side on this particular track. The Confluence EP may be brief in length but it is weighty enough to keep the name Vader in our ears and hearts.

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