Tyrese Suggests Cop Thriller "Black And Blue" Was "Suppressed" Due To Racism

Not every film will be a hit at the box office, but Tyrese Gibson claims he knows exactly why his movie Black and Blue wasn’t a commercial success. The film stars Naomi Harris as a New Orleans officer who happens to capture the police shooting death of a drug dealer on her body cam. She later realizes that corrupt officers are responsible and links up with the one person she knows will help her stay alive while bringing down the wicked powers that be.

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The film had a budget of $12 million and brought in almost $23 million. The action-thriller wasn’t the blockbuster success that producers had hoped for, especially with a cast that also included Frank Grillo, Mike Colter, Reid Scott, and Tyrese Gibson. The latter recently took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts on the movie’s lack of momentum, citing that racism was a key factor.

In an Instagram video, Tyrese shared that he’d received Blu-Ray versions of his film. He started off by saying he doesn’t usually pull the “race card,” but he’s “speaking facts.” He added, “When Black and Blue was in theaters, they never put the name on the marquee unless you specifically went to the front desk to request the movie, you didn’t even know the movie was playing in certain theaters. So many people were all over the internet going public about what was going on. And we know.”

The Fast & Furious star said that “CG and special effects” films receive so much recognition because “they just want to turn a profit. I get it. I’m apart of that game, too. But when you do movies like this that speaks to the culture, that speaks to the reality of what we have to live every single day, sh*t can get a little uncomfortable.” Although the movie was “suppressed,” the actor said he was “so proud” to have been involved with Black and Blue.

Check out Tyrese’s full video and the trailer for Black and Blue below. If you’ve seen the movie, let us know if it’s worth watching.

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