Tyler, The Creator To Return To Australia After Being Banned For Misogyny

Tyler, The Creator emerged as a controversial figure due to his wild antics and sometimes offensive language. A few years ago, the rapper was banned from entering Australia after a feminist group blasted him on claims of misogyny. However, the rapper’s ban has apparently been lifted as he plots his return to Australia in the near future.

Tyler will be joining Skepta at Lead Wildlands Festival in Australia on December 28th. This marks the first time the rapper will be performing in Australia after Collective Shout, a feminist group, urged immigration minister Peter Dutton to prevent the rapper from entering and performing in the country. Much like how American courts are using the lyrics of rappers against them in court, Collective Shout, a group that has denied that race plays a part in who they choose to scrutinize, campaigned against Tyler due to the lyrics in his early material that reference rape and violence against women. 

The reason he was banned, according to the collective, is due to an on-stage rant in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand where he blasted the director of Collective Shout, Coralie Alison, who took aim at him on social media. From there, the rapper responded to Coralie Alison on Twitter when he wrote, “T IS NOW BANNED FROM AUSTRALIA, YOU WON @CoralieAlison IM HAPPY FOR YOU <3.”

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