Tyga Is Obsessed With These Twerk Videos To His "Macarena" Remix

Who would have thought that, before the end of 2019, a rapper would bless us with an official remix of the “Macarena?” Like, for real. In possibly one of the most surprising musical moves this year, California’s very own Tyga came through with “Ayy Macarena,” taking after the classic dance tune and giving it a modern twist. Unlike the track that you’ll hear over the loudspeakers at your high school dance or at a Bar Mitzvah, Tyga’s version incites a much raunchier crowd to get down and show off their moves. The new dance involves a lot of twerking. Or, at least that’s what Tyga seems to be reposting.

For the last couple of weeks, T-Raw has shared a number of fan-made videos showing their choreographed routines to the new remix. Much of the footage has featured captures of women shaking their booties, which shouldn’t be all too shocking knowing Tyga’s brand identity. The man is all about two things: cash and ass. While he’s distributed a number of clips from his male supporters hitting trendy moves to the cut, he appears to be more interested in the ladies, shining a spotlight on them and especially going crazy over the twerk displays.

Of the latest additions to the challenge, which is your favorite? Check them out below.

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