Twitter Moments Of The Decade That Will Make You LOL All Over Again

Now that the decade is coming to a close Twitter is assembling all of the best moments of the last ten years. Some of the videos and media shared are the clips that collectively have brought us the most real “laugh out loud” moments while staring at our smartphones. Some of the highlights that are making the rounds online show how an ordinary moment for one person can turn into a viral sensation for millions.  

 You will probably remember a lot of the media being shared from the jump but some you may not have seen some of this Internet glory. One video for example, is of a student filming while he asks his teacher, “what’d you say, what’d you say?” Then, the teacher who presumably has had enough with his students responds with, “I said whoever threw that paper…your mom’s a hoe.”

And who can forget possibly the most memorable video of the decade, Antoine Dodson saying “hide yo kids, hide yo wife.” Obviously Dodson’s video which was remixed and shared widely on social media platforms made the list of memorable Twitter moments along with other fan favorites. Check out the videos below and experiences the last decade in viral videos all over again.

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