Trust The Child share two joints “Forests” and “The Brights”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Trust the child is back in the field with some new records for us to peruse.

The first song “Forests” is a moody and somewhat punchy track that sees the rapper dwell on the hard times and how they changed him. From the numerous trials and tribulations, he looks deep to find a silver lining in that dark cloud over him.

The second track here is titled “The Brights” and centers on the rapper’s Near-death experiences and how he processes the situation. The track has a moody and somewhat ethereal texture and he delivers his verses in a sing-songy manner that is also offbeat in many ways. It is quite expressive and showcases his versatility and knack for penning personal tales that everyone can relate to.

Both tracks are taken from his SLOW DOWN SPRING EP.


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