Travis Scott Shares Relatable Before & After Thanksgiving Dinner Photos

Much like DJ Khaled, Travis Scott was impatient to get his turkey dinner last night. Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that we love because it gives us a reason to set up the dinner table with extra spots for family members and loved ones that we never get to see. While some people, like Ice-T, believe the name of the tradition should be altered to better suit its purpose today, others are satisfied just dealing with the holiday’s problematic history and enjoying some cranberry sauce with friends. Travis Scott was enjoying himself last night, employing a new photographer and asking them to snap the most accurate portrayal of his “before & after pigging out” moods. The results were pretty solid.

Tim Warner/Getty Images

Using interesting angles and filters, La Flame enjoyed a yummy meal and showed off his before & after turkey images, creating a mood that we all could certainly relate to. The first picture shows Trav all hunched up in the living room, contemplating life by the fire and simply just waiting on that call from the chef to let him know the food is ready. Upon finishing the deliciousness, Cactus Jack instantly headed back to the same spot, took off his shirt, lit up a blunt and got comfortable. It really do be like that.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving last night?

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