Tracy Morgan's Fuming After Near Collision With Pedestrian: Report

Though most people are couped up inside on Zoom conferences with their family this Easter, some are still taking to the desolate streets of New York. Unfortunately, a pedestrian who was walking around New York City nearly got ran over by Tracy Morgan’s Lamborghini, TMZ reports. Footage emerged earlier today of Tracy getting into a heated confrontation with another man in the middle of Times Square. Witnesses said that Tracy did have the right of way but when he began to turn right, he neatly hit the pedestrian.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In the video, you can vaguely make out what they’re saying but it sounds like the man is trying to explain himself to Tracy who shuts down the conversation. From the sounds of it, the two are arguing over whether the pedestrian was actually jaywalking or if Tracy had the right of way. Thankfully, this didn’t escalate into anything else. Police reportedly passed by and essentially told them to relax and move on with where ever they needed to go.

Tracy got into a minor accident in 2019 in the streets of New York. A minor fender bender left his brand new Bugatti that he just bought off the lot with minor dents and scratches and both parties involved were fine.

Check out the footage of Tracy Morgan’s dispute below. 


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