Tory Lanez Showcases His Boxing Skills In New Video

In case you thought Tory Lanez was soft, he may have surpassed all previous expectations today. A recent video of the rapper showcasing his boxing skills just popped up on the web and people are seriously questioning themselves. The inquiry which appears to be swirling around the web is the following: “Does Tory Lanez got hands or nah?” In the video, we can see a focused Tory Lanez throwing punches at his training. The strength of his punches lets us know he has been training for some time and is therefore ready to put the paws on anyone desiring it. Perhaps this video will make people clown him less because he has been getting roasted on social media lately. 

After making a statement on Twitter about cocky people, Meek Mill stepped in to flame Tory by adding that he was the cocky after all.  Popping up in Tory Lanez’ replies, Meek Mill felt the need to activate his Twitter fingers for a quick troll-job, telling the recording artist that he’s being a little hypocritical. “I can’t stand cocky people .. that have no reason to be cocky,” wrote Lanez. Meek made sure to put Tory in his place, dropping a gem and saying: “And you the most cockiest n#%ga lol.” The response turned social media upside down and everybody took it as an opportunity to clown. They might second guess it now because Tory got the paws.


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