Tory Lanez Shares The First Rap He Ever Wrote: "It Was Trash"

It was a funny walk down memory lane for Tory Lanez as he caught up with the kids from Arts & Raps. The Canadian entertainer sat down with two sassy children from All Def’s series and answered personal questions while creating crafts with cardboard tubes. Tory was in a much more laidback atmosphere than his Quarantine Radio turn-ups as of late while the kids put him in the hot seat. Aside from dodging questions about throwing money at strippers and sharing why Lizzo is his spirit animal, Tory shared his first-ever set of rap bars.

Tory Lanez First Rap
Roy Rochlin / Stringer / Getty Images

I’m walking down the street with nothing to do / The sun is out and the sky is blue / I went to my friends house and he just said / Sorry Daystar but I gotta go to bed,” Tory rapped. He added, “That was my first joint, like ever. And I thought it was fire! I used to spit it for everybody until I got a little older and I realized it was trash.”

Prior to Tory sharing his first rap, the little girl also spit a few bars that she’d written. “Yours killed mine,” Tory told her. “Back in the day if we would have met each other, we would have been a rap group. We would have been ill!” Check out Tory Lanez on Arts & Raps below.

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