Top 5 instrumental Submissions for 4th week April

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

We round up the month of April with some ear popping beats from the best producers we could find and serve them to you on a platter of gold. Check out what we got for y’all below and don’t hesitate to show these guys some much-needed love and support.

Ibra-Heem – Mind Trip

Kicking off with a track from Brooklyn, NY, Swedish-Arab producer Ibra-Heem titled “Mind Trip”. The track is the 4th song from his monthly Spotify releases and sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, very nostalgic and soulful as well. Fascinated by the astral plane and multi-verse, Ibra-Heem created “Mind Trip” to continue his tradition of releasing songs inspired by the space-time continuum. Having worked with Bacardi, Slaughterhouse, LogoTV, Uncle Murda, and other upcoming artists, Ibra-Heem has ventured out to build his own brand by releasing instrumental and collaborative music.”

Go get the roach – Drip me to dilation.

Go get the roach (what a very quirky moniker) turns it up with his trap influenced beat “Drip me to dilation” that has some nice groovy qualities behind it.


yungbakugo – CLONK

Yungbakugo is a well-traveled creative, that has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, United Kingdom and now Toronto, His new track titled “CLONK” is part instrumental and part vocals (mostly humming though). The record is a track from his first demo titled “Enjoy the high now” and is a track made for meditational purposes if you catch the drift.



Lucteria SE – Echoed Soul

Lucteria SE debuts his  first trip-hop song self-titled “Echoed Soul.”  With an “oriental atmospheric pentatonic” feeling the track has a very cinematic backdrop that will surely interests the listener



basak – sleep cycles.

Producer Basak delivers his lo-fi/soul instrumental to our eardrums titled “Sleep Cycles”. The track is performed by a full band with Basak on the drums, percussions and overall composition. Joining him are guitarist Jake Sucher, Bassists Noah Fishmann, and Louie Pagan.”Sleep Cycles”  is a taste of Basak’s upcoming album, which will feature performances from other up-and-coming talent such as Horace Bray and Rob Araujo.

Bonus Beat

Cento. – do ya feel (w/ RYDN).

 “Do Ya Feel” is collaborative beat between Cento. & RYDN. The record is inspired by soul and jazz.

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