Toni Romiti Comes Through With "Need Me" Track

This year, Toni Romiti has carved out a sonic lane that is st to lead fans into the arrival of the follow up to her Tomboy EP since parting ways with RCA Records.

She’s been pretty consistent in delivering on new drops in a continuous cycle this summer and now keeps things going with her latest “Need Me” single

“It speaks about how one partner’s fragile ego can ruin an entire relationship,” she says in a press release for the new cut. “Oftentimes, one partner is only using the other to make themselves feel better. It’s manipulative, and it’s not a real relationship. It’s just a narcissist trying to fill the void […] I want my listeners to know that they deserve better than a relationship like that. Break free, and let that ego-maniac be single.”

Quotable Lyrics

You need me
To feed your ego
But you don’t need me
Seems like you need hoes
Let’s keep it simple
Send me a signal

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