Tom Brady To Titans Theory Could Be Out The Window

Tom Brady is a legendary NFL quarterback and for the first time in his storied career, he will become a free agent. Starting next season, he will be 43 years old but that hasn’t stopped teams from wanting him. Some believe he is still an elite quarterback and could be of great value to a team looking to make the leap into the playoffs.

One of the teams that have been thrown around as of late is the Tennessee Titans. Brady was on a FaceTime call with head coach Mike Vrabel and some think he could be a great option for the team moving forward. Despite this, it’s being reported by CBS that the Titans are going all-in on trying to re-sign Ryan Tannehill. 

In fact, Vrabel recently spoke about his call with Brady and says it was simply out of friendship.

Tom Brady

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

“My relationship with Tom Brady goes back to 2011 training camp at Rhode Island,” Vrabel said. “We’d go to practice and a bunch of us would go out and that’s where a lot of those friendships were made. Those friendships aren’t going to stop or not continue to grow and develop now that I’m a head coach and he’s a quarterback with an expiring contract. Those are going to continue on well after we’re done playing with his family and my family.”

Stay tuned for updates on Brady’s free agency window as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest information.

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