THIS Woman Miraculously Heard Her Late Sister’s Name On The Radio & Twitter Is SHOOK!

The universe works in mysterious ways…

Eight years ago, current Phoenix-resident Kristal Michaela Silva (pictured above) lost her sister, Kristie Michelle Silva, to kidney failure at the age of 22.

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Kristal — who is also 22 — told BuzzFeed News that her sister was on dialysis for her chronic kidney-related issues, and had to be cared for while growing up. She told the publication:

“She called me her little nurse. She was my best friend… She loved to dance and she loved music just as much as she loved her pistachios and Coca-Cola… She knew how to make anyone and everyone smile.”

On Monday, while driving to the gym, Kristal passed by the hospital where Kristie was treated, and was immediately overcome with emotion. She wrote on Facebook:

In an interesting twist of events, on her way back, Kristal was listening to the song Hello by Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette on the radio, and noticed there was a change to the tune’s chorus.

Instead of original lyrics “I just came to say hello,” Kristal heard on the radio, “Hey, Kristie says hello,” like her late sister was trying to send her a message!

As seen here on Twitter:

According to Kristal:

“My first reaction to the song was, ‘What are they saying? That isn’t how the song goes’… so I turned it up and on the second chorus I listened closely… It sounded like ‘Krispy’ or something so I thought maybe it’s an ad… But I heard ‘Krystie!’ So I took out my phone in hopes it would say it again and I recorded it.”‘

After showing the clip to her family, they all unanimously agreed:

“We all heard Kristie.”

She adds:

“Since the day my sister passed away I always said she was my guardian angel… That day I felt she was there telling me she was OK, and she is with me no matter where I go and what I go through… It made my day knowing she had sent me that sign.”

Once the story went viral, the DJ at Live 101.5 who played the song direct-messaged Kristal and told her the chorus actually said his name, Chris Villa.

However, he still believes Kristie was trying to send a message to her sister. He wrote:

“I know it doesn’t exactly say your sister’s name — it says mine “Chris Villa” (vee-yuh) but I’m sure I was meant to play it for you that day from your sister.”

The Live 101.5 program director told BuzzFeed News that it was completely “out of random we played that song in the mix… maybe I was just meant to do that and all these things lined up.”

Despite this fact, Kristal’s tweet has received over 54K retweets, 237K likes, and countless comments. See the best reactions (below):

[Image via Kristal Michaela Silva/Twitter.]

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