This Photo Of A Young Girl Staring At Michelle Obama’s Portrait Will Give You Hope!

THIS is why representation matters!

As we reported in February, Barack and Michelle Obama‘s portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery were unveiled, with the former First Lady choosing Amy Sherald as her artist.

On Thursday, 37-year-old North Carolina resident Ben Hines took the (above) photo of a young girl staring at the artwork, and it immediately became a viral sensation!

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Hines, who was in Washington D.C. to visit his mom, told BuzzFeed News:

“It was so touching and uplifting for me to see this beautiful child looking at a beautiful portrait of a powerful woman… I was so delighted to have been in the right place at the right time… I think we were all just smiling, and her joy and her awe was infectious.”

The little girl was later identified as 2-year-old Parker Curry, who visited the museum with mom Jessica and 1-year-old sister Ava.

Jessica, a D.C. small business owner, recalled:

“I was trying to get her to turn around so I could take a picture, but she wouldn’t cooperate. She just wanted to stare at it. She was fascinated… As a little person looking at a portrait that large, I can imagine it’s fascinating… She had a little moment… I didn’t realize it would be so moving to so many people… In the world we live in today, I’m just trying to raise a little girl who has opportunities to see women who look like her doing great things.”

Not surprisingly, social media users couldn’t contain their emotions about the touching photo, which has been cross-posted on Twitter! See the best reactions (below)!

[Image via Ben Hines/Facebook.]

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