This First-Year Teachers Rap Is Now On Our Playlist, No Joke

This Illinois teacher’s rap is just too cool for school. 

Instead of sending out a traditional back-to-school newsletter, first-year teacher Dwayne Reed created a song and video to get his students pumped for the upcoming year. Reed, who’s from Chicago, recently shared the clip for “Welcome To The Fourth Grade.” 

And we must say, the track’s so lit, it made us excited for fourth grade. 

“It’s my first year teaching, so it’s all real exciting. Got some ideas and I’d really like to try them,” Reed, who works at Jane Stenson Elementary School, raps. “Like making songs to remember what you hear. We’ll be learning so much by the end of the year.” 

The teacher’s video, which has since went viral across social media, features Reed dancing in front of his whiteboard, gettin’ down in a lab coat, and boogieing in the hallways. In addition to some math and English-related lyrics, the teacher also incorporated some important messages about attitude. 

“So we gotta keep it positive. That’s the key. Have respect for each other. And don’t forget me,” he says. “Have respect for yourselves and the staff and the school. Having fun can be cool when we’re following the rules.”

Reed came up with the idea for the song after his friend, filmmaker Ty Gotham, said he was interested in making a music video, NBC Chicago reported. The educator said he felt the music was a way to connect with his students and teachers. 

His plan seems to have been successful. 

“I definitely heard from a lot of other parents and teachers and they said, ‘Hey, you’ve done a good job’ so I’m real happy about it,” Reed said on Good Morning America. 

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