This 11-year-old boy’s show-stopping rendition of ‘Let It Go’ might just bring you to tears

An 11-year-old from Texas wowed the crowdand Idina Menzelduring her July 30 concert when theFrozen singer and actress asked for volunteers to sing with her.

In a YouTube video capturing the magic, Luke, the preteen with impressive pipes, is seen immediately called upon by Menzel and is clearly the only boy in a crowd of girls.

Though Menzel said boys usually tell her they don’t like “Let It Go” and prefer Justin Timberlake’s track from the movieTrolls, Luke couldn’t have been more in opposition.

“Heck to the no, he replied, shaking his head in disbelief. “Im offended.”

When it came time to sing the song, it only took a few bars for Menzel and the crowd to realize that he wasn’t just a fan but a full-fledged musician himself.

Menzel offered to let Luke sing a different song since the crowd cheered through his first performance, but he chose to sing through the chorus again, adding in extra frills that even the most shameless of shower singers would be embarrassed to try aloud. Luke even got to wrap up the segment with Menzel, all by himself.

“I can’t sing it like that,” Menzel told the girls on the stage. “I’m gonna try tomorrow, I’m so inspired.”

Luke told news station WFAA 8 that he’d never received a standing ovation before, but he’s already ready for his next performance.

“I know boys don’t like ‘Let It Go’ because it’s a ‘girls’ song,’” Luke said, rolling his eyes. “But I mean, songs are for everyone. It’s music, it’s art.”

Watch Luke’s entire stint with Menzel below:

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