The two seismic shifts in Los Angeles today

(CNN)News that Angelina Jolie is filing for divorce from Brad Pitt is causing rumbles — and not just on social media.


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CNN has confirmed the two incidents are unrelated.
News (of the divorce) has some people panicking.
Others are worried about more practical concerns, such as who gets custody of the couple’s children, how they’ll divide their hashtag and most importantly, who gets George Clooney.
Jennifer Aniston, Pitt’s first wife, isn’t active on Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from declaring “Happy Jennifer Aniston Day!”
Others think she’s above such pettiness.
“Man! I bet Jennifer Aniston be like: *shuts off her TV and phone and goes to soak in a hot bath because she doesn’t revel in emotional pain*,” comedian Richard Jeter tweeted.

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