The Teen Dramas That Defined Our Youth, Ranked By Betchiness

As far as an era for TV goes, like, right now is probably one of the best ones. There are just a shit ton of really great, well made shows on and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Now, though, most of the best TV is based around adult themes and situations. Fortunately for us, we came of age in an era when, frankly, the best TV was designed for teens. What can we say, us millennials just love our TV. In case you were wondering if your favorite show of yesteryear was betchy or not, we’ve conveniently ranked them for you.

This show was confusing AF because if you missed an episode, you missed like, nine people cheating on each other, four new babies being born, a divorce, and an abortion. WTF, ABC Family? Likewise, while there was some entertainment value, the show gave rise to Shailene Woodley who was annoying on the show and now she’s annoying and weird in real life. Also, are we really supposed to believe a girl that cute in high school was getting knocked up at band camp? It was weird casting and the characters were whiny. Sorry, just not particularly betchy overall.

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