The perils of ignoring Holocaust history

(CNN)Hitler was a Zionist.

Pardon me?


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Until recently anyone who uttered such a statement would have been deemed mad. This past week, however, Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London and a member of Parliament, did just that, saying “Hitler was supporting Zionism” while surrounded by reporters and cameras. So far, he seems unwilling to plead insanity or to apologize for his remarks.



    Sanders: Holocaust taught me about political extremism



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My students are told not to answer the question, and I can’t answer it either. Had I been given the opportunity to “negotiate” with the Nazis, would I have done it? I don’t know. I might have stood on principle and said no. Then again, thinking about the potential of saving 60,000 Jews and their millions of descendants, I might have shelved my righteous indignation and tried to save lives.
This is what those who designed the Ha’avara agreement managed to do. They should be praised for their actions, not vilified by uninformed onlookers like Livingston in the name of contemporary politics.

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