The hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani

(CNN)Back in May, Donald Trump, a real estate mogul with no prior political experience, made history by capturing the Republican party nomination, a turn of events that has been called everything from “unprecedented” to “crazy.” The resulting campaign, meanwhile, has been a parade of juicy, head-shaking headlines and memorable debates, the most recent one earning Trump a comparison (in the New York Daily News) to rapper Kanye West for his interruptions, surely a presidential campaign first.

It is safe to say, America has been riveted.


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So is it any surprise that others have sought to capitalize on this momentthis (hopefully fleeting) time in American politics when it has seemed that anything goes, and the more outlandish the better?


Because, well, Giuliani’s not doing any of this for Trump, or even for the GOP — not really. The former mayor has handily inserted himself into hundreds of headlines in the last week alone, a clever capitalization on the stage Trump has set.
Despite his illogical statements in recent days, Giuliani isn’t stupideven if many have lately wondered if the former 9/11 hero has perhaps lost his mind, or whether his ranting remarks are more like a cue he’s taken from the GOP candidate.
On the matters of infidelity, gender and tax evasion, it’s hard to know if Giuliani believes what he’s saying or if he’s just an opportunist (we’ll find out his motivations soon enough).
Though one could wonder the same about Trump himself.

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