The Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton not running for president

(CNN)They have two of the most recognizable names in America, but neither of them is running for president.

Meet Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton runs music festivals across America, and Trump heads up a cancer institute in Virginia.
Their names have always raised some eyebrows, they say, but in an election year, it’s getting them a whole lot more attention.


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Hillary Clinton, festival organizer


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Dr. Donald Trump has been working in the medical field for more than 40 years. He now runs a cancer institute in Virginia and although he says he’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton next Tuesday, he has courted “The Donald” for donations for medical research in the past.
Dr. Trump first became aware of the other Donald Trump in the late 1970s when the businessman began showing up in the New York tabloids.
The pair have interacted sporadically throughout the years.
Going bald
In 2010, Donald J. Trump picked up the phone to ask Dr. Trump for a favor. The son of a close friend of his was hoping to get into a clinical trial at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, where Dr. Trump was working at the time.
“I’m happy to say that neither Mr. Trump nor I had any impact on that decision. That process and the entry of the young man on the clinical trial was well underway when I received the call,” Dr. Trump told CNN during an interview at the Inova Schar Cancer Institute in Virginia, where he now serves as CEO and Executive Director.
Never one to miss an opportunity, Dr. Trump used the contact from Mr. Trump to tell him about some of the work performed at Roswell Park and explained to him that they would soon be holding a “Bald for Bucks” fundraiser.
The Donald politely declined to part with his famous locks, but sent a video message wishing Roswell Park well and made a “generous donation,” Dr. Trump said.
Sometime after the fundraiser, the two Donalds met at Trump Tower in New York. Dr. Trump described Mr. Trump as engaging, and interested in the doctor’s work.
The doctor hinted at Mr. Trump’s braggadocio, but said he wasn’t as flamboyant as he is on the campaign trail. He was “clearly successful and wasn’t unhappy to make sure I knew he was successful,” Dr. Trump said.
Trump not voting Trump
Despite his previous interactions with the Republican nominee for president, Dr. Trump said that his politics have long been left of center and that he plans on voting for Hillary Clinton next Tuesday.
“I have always felt kinship with Democratic political theories and approaches,” he said, being careful not to comment directly on his namesake’s politics.

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