The Anti-2016 Christmas Song You Didn’t Know You Needed

All Carla Valderrama wants for Christmas is a socially conscious society, and she knows she’s not alone.

In tribute to this truly hellish year, the Latina comedian and actress took the classic holiday song “White Christmas” and re-wrote it to reflect what this country really needs right now: a Woke Christmas.

“Every year I put [’White Christmas’] on blast all day,” Valderrama told The Huffington Post. “This year I didn’t want that. I didn’t want a ‘White Christmas.’ I wanted something to remind people that there is more than one reality to life in this country. I wanted a ‘Woke Christmas’.”

The parody has lyrics that touch upon Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, North Carolina’s bathroom bill, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, Brock Turner’s lenient sentence, Hollywood whitewashing and a lot more. And it certainly is quite a depressing, if not accurate, summary of 2016. 

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of all the racial and social injustices that were happening,” she said. “Usually I can’t wait for Christmas and all the music but this year it seemed so phony. I decided to write a Christmas song that addressed all of the things that I and others were feeling.”

Sleigh, Carla. Sleigh.

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