The ’90s are back and we so need it

(CNN)Let’s be honest: 2016 has been kind of awful so far.

There’s contentiousness over politics and racial unrest in the United States. We’ve lost legends like David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali. Add terrorism and fear over the world economy (looking at you Brexit), and these feel more like the worst of times than the best of times.


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So aren’t you glad the 1990s are back in a big way?
The Clintons are trying to make it into the White House, again. Folks are debating the merits of Third Eye Blind, and we’re obsessed with the O.J. Simpson case and Pokemon.
Sound familiar?
Nostalgia can be so important when times get tough. Though believe it or not, it used to be considered a disease.
According to the Scientific American, “…a Swiss physician named Johannes Hofer coined the term nostalgia in the late 17th century to describe what he considered to be a cerebral disease unique to Swiss mercenaries fighting wars far from home.”
“Hofer proposed that nostalgia caused symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irregular heartbeat and disordered eating,” the publication said. “And Hofer was not alone is his view that nostalgia was an ailment that led to a number of problematic symptoms.”
But now, we can’t get enough of the good old days. The ’90s are as comfortable as a worn in pair of Doc Martens and your favorite flannel shirt.
Looking back a few decades can bring joy.
Here are just some of the ways we seem to be in perpetual “Throwback Thursday” mode:

Jamming to Missy Elliott

From her new song “WTF (Where They From)” to her “Carpool Karaoke” with First Lady Michelle Obama, we are so glad that Missy Elliott is back!

Look who else is making music

Gun-N-Roses is on the road again. As are Blink 182, Rob Zombie and Korn. And let’s not forget that members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are forming a super group, while the Backstreet Boys are currently in the studio.

Way to go Winona

There may not be any other actress who screams “nineties” more than Winona Ryder. Her 1994 film “Reality Bites” is required viewing if you are discussing that decade.
Ryder’s back — albeit in a series set in the 1980s — thanks to Netflix’s new horror mystery “Stranger Things.”
Who cares that she’s playing a mom now? She’s always be our Winona.

Look at all the reboots

Let’s tick them off shall we?
So far this year, we’ve had a new “X-Files” series and a revisit to the Tanner clan with Netflix’s “Fuller House.” Next up, TV reboots of “Gilmore Girls,” “First Wives Club” and a possible sequel to “Cruel Intentions.” Movie reboots of “Power Rangers” and “Baywatch” are also in the works.
And you can wash all that ’90s goodness down with some Crystal Pepsi.

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