The 15 Hottest Guys On TV Right Now


div id=”body-content”> It’s 2017. Donald Trump is president, America is basically one big dramatic sitcom. But just because our lives are spiraling out of control like a shitty reality show doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate a never-ending luxury: really attractive men on television.

So here’s a list of happy things and men you should fantasize about on a weekly basis. Enjoy.

1. Hottest Dad: Milo Ventimiglia,

If you’re not watching , you need to start like, yesterday. Milo Ventimiglia is for sure a DILF (and the opening episode has him practically naked so really, start watching ASAP).

2. Hottest President: Fitzgerald Grant,

So what if he’s a philandering pig? He’s still hot.

3. Hottest Bachelor: Nick Viall,

Any guy that keeps Corinne around for our entertainment is kind of attractive, right?

4. Hottest Firefighter: Taylor Kinney,

Those smoldering eyes can literally start a fire in my icy heart. And that’s quite a fucking task.

5. Hottest Doctor: Jesse Williams,

Would literally fake an illness weekly if Jesse Williams were a real doctor.

6. Hottest Guy On A Show That May Be Canceled: Daniel Sunjata,

ABC kind of flopped with , but Daniel is still a fucking winner.

7. Hottest Maybe Good Guy/Maybe Bad Guy: Scott Foley,

Do we love him or hate him? I don’t fucking know, I just like looking at him.

8. Hottest Guy In A Cowboy Hat: James Marsden,

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

9. Hottest Pseudo-Religious Figure: Jude Law,

Is the celibate thing something that actually happens or nah?

10. Hottest Guy To Come Back From The Dead: Kit Harrington,

TBH, sexiest bastard on television.

11. Hottest Vampire: Ian Somerhalder,

Does anyone even watch this show? But he’s still hot.

12. Hottest Guy In A Show About Fucking Zombies: Robert Buckley,

Shoutout to the days of . #TeamClay

13. Hottest Struggling Actor: Justin Hartley,

Definitely the hottest of the Big Three. And sorry not sorry for the double reference.

14. Hottest Guy Who Was In Before : Alfred Enoch,

The sorting hat chooses you, Alfred.


h2 style=”text-align:;” center;”>15. Literally Every Guy On : Matt Czuchry, Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki

Honestly, so #blessed came back for this reason only. Hottest trio on television literally ever.

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