Telica and PDRO stay positive on “Another Day Another Blessing”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

“Another Day Another Blessing” is a collaboration between jazz producer Telica and a rapper PDRO and it’s a smooth blend of lively jazz textures and hip-hop grooves. from the smooth keys, warm basslines, punchy drum grooves, PDRO proceeds with his engaging flow and vivid lyricism that dive into having a positive mentality regardless of the madness one might face. “Another Day Another Blessing” is the third single from Telica and PDRO
Pavel Telica is a multi-instrumentalist and music composer from Latvia, based in London, who is one of the co-founders of the Doctor Gosso Collective, Jazz Hip Hop Dispensary, and the Music Intelligence Agency. Pavel has a diverse musical background as a gigging and session guitarist, as well as various influences from George Benson to St Germain, with his musical vision being heavily focused on the fusion of jazz guitar music with other more modern production elements.

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