Tekashi 6ix9ine's Reported Victim Skyy Daniels Recalls Being Held At Gunpoint

When Skyy Daniels was held up at gunpoint by a group of Nine Trey Blood gang members, she thought her life was going to end. Skyy would later learn that Tekashi 6ix9ine was not among the men who were holding guns to her and her assistant, however, he was reportedly nearby in a vehicle recording the incident. The gang reportedly thought Skyy was a Rap-a-Lot associate and held her up, but in the end, the crew would find out they had the wrong person.

Skyy’s victim impact statement circulated online on Wednesday where she pleaded with the judge to keep 6ix9ine behind bars. She later spoke with TMZ on camera, sharing her enthusiasm about the rapper being sentenced to 24 months—although he’s also received time served for a good portion of that sentence.

“I did not want him to be able to home for Christmas to his family,” she said. “Because you know where I was last year for Christmas? I was in the hospital. I was away from my children. I was away from my grandchildren. I was away from parents. I was in hiding in a hospital suffering from a mental breakdown. So, he does not deserve to be home with his family. So, yes, justice was served ’cause he was not able to be home with his family for the holidays just like I was not able to be home with my family for the holidays.”

The publicist said that 6ix9ine should be responsible for all of his victim’s bills. “He should pay her medical bills and yes he owes me everything because he took everything away from me,” Skyy stated. “Yes, he owes me everything that he has. He owes all of us. He needs to be totally financially bankrupt and burdened like he’s done so many other people. He absolutely needs to pay our medical bills, her pain and suffering, her mental anguish, her emotional anguish. This has been very stressful and traumatic to all of us.”

Skyy said that anytime she sees his face—which is difficult to avoid with all of the news coverage—”It’s flashbacks to those moments, and he’s been glorified.” She added that she has nightmares and faults the rapper. “That day on April 3 leaving 50 Cent’s studio in Manhattan, Times Square. In broad daylight. Having guns put to my abdomen and my head. I can still hear it. I can still feel it.”

She said she knows she needs counseling, but she can’t afford the treatment. “He deserves to have to start over his life just like we have,” Skyy stated. Watch her clip in full below.

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