Teejayx6 Opens The Decade With Scammer's Guide "2020"

Subgenres can arrive in the blink of an eye. Ask anybody even remotely interested in Metal about that. In hip-hop, we’ve seen no shortage of interesting new styles in recent memory, from cloud rap to the infamous mumble rap. Now, thanks to artists like Guapdad4000 and Teejayx6, we’re looking at the emergence of scam rap. Mere weeks removed from the arrival of his Black Air Force Activity tape, Teejay came through to soundtrack our transition into 2020 with the aptly titled…2020. 

Clocking in at a concise five songs, 2020 kicks off on a strong note with the titular track. At once dramatic and hilarious, Teejay details his transition into hip-hop fame and the dangers his scamming habits may pose to his well-being. The trend continues on the bombastic “Bodybag,” an off-kilter jam propelled by Teejay’s irregular flow. Deemed an acquired taste by some, the Detroit rapper remains an exciting voice to observe in the coming year. What do you think about his latest? 

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