Tee Grizzley Has A Hit With "White Lows Off Designer" Featuring Lil Durk

The first time you listen to Tee Grizzley’s new single “White Lows Off Designer” with Lil Durk, just know that it’s a certified hit. 

The Detroit rapper released the new record on Friday with a feature from one of this year’s MVPs so far, Lil Durk. The track starts off with the perfect verse from Tee Grizz before heading into his hook, which features harmonies that sound blissful. This is seriously some of Tee Grizzley’s best work in months.

Lil Durk jumps in for the second verse, bringing the same energy he’s been consistent with for the last year. Continuing his string of high-powered features, this is just the latest of Smurk’s superstar efforts in 2021.

Listen to Tee Grizzley’s new single “White Lows Off Designer” below and let us know if you think this one will blow up.

Quotable Lyrics:

You know the rules, shoot first, then we get discussin’
Ever saw a headshot? That sh*t ain’t nothin’
Ever ate jail food? That sh*t disgusting
They talk that killer sh*t, them n***as bluffin’
I take ’em back to nights, catchin’ n***as at the traffic light
Hangin’ out the window, ’bout to shoot and the gun jam, right
I swear a n***a heart dropped like the gas price

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