Ted Cruz ‘Splains Jedi Integrity To Luke Skywalker. It Doesn’t Go Well.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) presumed in a tweet Sunday to school Luke Skywalker about who has the cred to carry a light saber. But Skywalker’s alter ego, Mark Hamill, shot down Cruz with a dig about the senator being “distracted by porn.”

Cruz’s tweet was an attempt to defend Federal Communications chairman Ajit Pai after Hamill bashed Pai on Twitter Saturday for brandishing a light saber on Pai’s cringe-worthy video touting the death of net neutrality. Hamill tweeted that someone in the pocket of corporations is “profoundly unworthy to wield a light saber” and that a true Jedi warrior “acts selflessly for the common man.” Cruz shot back that it was Darth Vader who “supported govt power over everything.”

“Thanks for smarm-sp[l]aining it to me,” Hamill snapped, pointing out Cruz’s misspelling of his name. “Maybe you’re … distracted from watching porn at the office.” Cruz’s Twitter account was caught “liking” an explicit porn video in a tweet in September. The senator blamed it on a staffer’s “honest mistake.”

Cruz apologized for misspelling Hamill’s name and told him to respond with “civil discussion,” not insults. But the “Luke Skywalker” actor apparently had had enough.

A section of Pai’s video, produced in collaboration with the conservative web site The Daily Caller, also shows Pai dancing to the “Harlem Shake.” The producer and record label of the music have threatened legal action for unauthorized use of the music.

Don’t mess with the force.


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